Demco Properties

Our future is carved in our history

Demco Properties prides itself on being part of Demco Group, which has spent a century serving the Lebanese and international markets through Demco Steel.

Backed by the legacy of Demco Steel, the quality foundation of some of the largest, most upscale construction projects in Lebanon, Demco Properties steadily tapped into the construction and real estate market.

‘Demco Properties builds world-class real estate developments that meet the real needs of the market.’

The company’s portfolio today includes five projects valued at $610 million, spanning commercial, residential and mixed-use property developments.

Small in size, big in luxury

Having established itself as a pioneer in the real estate market in Lebanon, Demco

Properties has acted as a trendsetter since its conception, creating luxurious landmark developments that remain affordable for the residential and commercial markets alike.

‘Our ability to read the marketplace and our long experience in the real estate market allows us to continue to strengthen our portfolios while answering the market’s real needs.

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