BATIBA is a family owned construction company with high quality standards, remarkable services and experience with a proven track record. Since 35 years when the family constructed its first building, our aim was: build to last, and during these years we have helped create homes, offices and more, and we are proud to be part of these buildings. Starting 6 years ago, the company has succeeded in gaining wealth in field knowledge and market services according to client’s requirements. We listen to our clients and what they want and we partner with the best in building martial and construction services. The company is located at Tyr (South Lebanon) and is specialized in the following: • Buildings construction for residential and commercial. • Buildings, houses and villas construction and supervision for private. • Concrete works contracting for private buildings or houses. • Land development. • Renovation of buildings and apartments and water leakage treatment. • Issuing construction permit • Administrative procedures for land or apartment registration. • Real estate services Mission Our mission is to provide to our customers the highest level of construction quality and services at market competitive prices. Vision The company moves forward to ensure a leadership in construction through our efficiency, ability and professionalism. Management Mr. Youssef Badaoui: President Eng. Imad Badaoui: General Executive Manager Mr.Issam Badaoui: Administrative and Financial Manager Mr. Akil Badaoui: Human Resources Manager & Sites Supervisor

Batiba Company
Beirut,Lebanon, Beirut
Mobile phone
70 101 804
76 74 10 10
Contact Person
Imad Youssef Badawi