century 21

Selling / Buying Services

Our CENTURY 21 1st Global ( Lebanon) team will assist you in selling / buying residential,commercial,investment and industrial properties all over lebanon. Our team works directly with sellers to help them setting a fair price for their properties as well as qualifying potential buyers using our big customer base. Therefore, we draw our marketing plan that will help selling your property with the least effort and at the best possible market price. On the other hand, we help buyers by providing a great deal of offers from which they can freely choose. At CENTURY21 1st Global Lebanon, we discuss the prices with the sellers and buyers and provide them with specialized consultation that will help in closing the gap between them.

Renting / Rental Services

Our Renting and Rental Services cover the residential, commercial, investment and industrial sectors in . We assist the leasers and lessees to set reasonable goals depending on current market conditions. We provide leasers with the largest number of lessees yet of a high caliber. On the other hand, we offer the lessees the best properties in the market at reasonable prices. Our professional and specialized consultations regarding market prices and conditions are the main reasons behind our success in this area.

Real Estate Appraisal and Consultation services

CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) team provides you the real and fair price of your property through implementing detailed studies and comparative market analysis using different appraisal methods. In addition, CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) offers specialized consultation services and feasibility studies through our team of experienced professionals. Our detailed studies help the investors in evaluating and anticipating future risks and therefore giving them an advantage when making their decisions.

Mega Projects Marketing

Our CENTURY 21 1st Global (Lebanon) team is the optimal choice whether you plan to market a commercial investment project. We put our diversified and big customer base at your disposal and help you to decide on the best potential buyers or lessees. Moreover, through our ongoing market studies and analyses we help the owners in deciding the fair value of their properties. Based on our understanding of the fair market prices and conditions we build our marketing strategy that includes newspapers and magazine advertisements, internet marketing and direct marketing along with other creative ideas.

Global Network System

With over 117,000 brokers and sales associates in more than 7700 offices in more than 67 countries and territoriesCENTURY 21 1stGlobal (Lebanon) connects potential buyer and sellers and real estate professionals around the globe.
Updated information channels, streamlined networking systems and a huge leverage on price factors are some of the key benefits available to our esteemed clients.