Overview: A property developer with a soul, Estates is a multi-project company sensitive to the importance of urban planning and architectural solutions.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to enrich lives by adding value to our projects, leaving our signature touch. We use site specific solutions and employ a multidisciplinary approach that combines aesthetic, urban, environmental and market considerations.

Our Green Pledge:

Building on the success of District //S as a certified sustainable neighborhood development, Estates is committed to go green in all its future projects. We have partnered with G and Jouzour Loubnan, two Lebanese NGOs:
G acts as consultants, helping Estates identify and comply with LEED certification’s requirements and standards.
Jouzour Loubnan is committed to the forestation of arid regions in Lebanon. Projects by Estates will contribute towards planting new trees against developed areas.

By going green, Estate adds natural soul to property development.

Looking Forward:

Estates will always be firmly rooted in Beirut and yet sees beyond. We are developing four projects outside Beirut City Center in a bid to carry our mission as a property developer with a soul to the rest of Lebanon and the Middle East. Our master-planned urban and architectural solutions add value, ensuring the growth of our regional role as a property developer that provides branded residential and commercial spaces at affordable prices and in higher price markets.

Our regional vision is to build the imagination of the Arab middle class and the aspiration of its youth for a better future. Estates will transport the Lebanese dream beyond borders via high standards of design and construction for affordable and high-end developments alike.


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Adress: Dagher Center, 7th floor, Pasteur Street, Gemmayzeh, Achrafieh, Lebanon