Lock8 offers an array of smart, integrated solutions and services in residential, commercial and multi-family sectors. Lock8 extends far beyond what a conventional real estate firm offers. It foresees itself as a resourceful firm offering marketing and sales solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the region. Our internal team work with the clients to provide an unmatched service to each of them. A strategic stronghold, Lock8 prides itself with its experienced staff and strategic alliances allowing it to meet the needs of a demanding and diverse client base. With a high level of ethical business practices and client satisfaction, Lock8 is strongly committed to implementing policies and procedures that reflect its professionalism. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality properties with personal attention to each job and client that comes our way. Lock8 believes strongly in applying a forward initiative towards modern projects, new ideas and techniques based on our desire to promote and develop the local market and achieve profits for our clients.

Lock8 is a fully dedicated institution towards its clients and their needs. We ensure a fully rounded support team accessible by phone and online. Our team of specialists is ready to assist you at your convenience.

Mob: + 961 3 185 858; +961 70 011 181

E-mail: info@lock8.co 

Our Head Office:

Zalka Highway – White Tower Street

Zalka 690 bldg. – 5th Floor – Lebanon

 Call 961 70 011 181 ; 961 3 188 585