MA Cluster llc

Boutique Office for Real Estate Services. We resource, contribute, and support.We specialize in Residential and Commercial property. We understand the challenges in this changing world, therefore we listen to your needs, and act for you, with full integrity. The company is based in Beirut, founded in November 2015, it covers both Beirut and Amman Markets, in addition to Dubai for investment projects. MA Cluster llc. is a space for professionals to act with integrity and responsibility towards improving the market transparency, and contributing to the development of the professionalism in the sector. It specializes in commercial and residential property investment and strategic leasing. Our Cluster is a conglomerate of independent professional bodies, they come from different disciplines such as Property Surveying, Valuation, Engineering, Topography, Project management, Energy saving Consultancy, Finance and Banking, Architecture, Legal and many others. We are dedicated to the client’s account and collaborate to deliver the optimum solution. We are happy to serve you in the best way possible. Among the services we provide: Valuation of residential and commercial properties approved by the Government of Lebanon–certified by the Government of Lebanon. Brokerage service for Residential and Commercial Property upon the requirements and specifications defined by the client. Market report reflecting the real estate economics of the market in terms of supply and demand. CRE Service provision, delivering strategic long term value for Lease administration, Transaction management and execution. Real value and peace of mind are the core and shell of our client service. We spread Integrity and build trust in the Real Estate Market.

Phone :  70 105 292