RAMCO has been proud to service the diverse real estate needs of our clients for over 40 years.

RAMCO was founded in 1973 by Raja Makarem and has fast developed into a full line real estate advisory company, establishing itself in Lebanon as the leader in its field. RAMCO advises institutional investors, governments, property companies, developers, banks, investment groups, retailers, hotel organisations, and high-net-worth individuals. RAMCO aims to stand by its clients through the various phases of real estate investment and post-development, from understanding the market and identifying opportunities through to delivering and presenting end-product to the market. RAMCO can either accompany clients through the various phases or alternatively advise them at the required point in time. Our services include providing advice on the market, identifying investment options, undertaking valuations, mediating and facilitating land acquisition and/or disposal, advising on land use and concept development, managing the marketing and placement of projects, or alternatively identifying residential, office, or retail premises for sale or letting.



adress: beirut, clemenceau street, Gefinor center, block D,2nd floor.

website: www.ramcolb.com

Email: mail@ramcolb.com