January 4, 2017

$10 million glass factory to open in Zahleh

Glasspack, a newly established company, will open in mid-2018 a factory for the manufacturing of glass bottles and jars in Zahleh’s industrial city, bringing the total number of the country’s glass operators to three. Investment in the Glasspack plant will exceed $10 million.

Owned by Abdallah Rizk, the plant will have a total built-up area of 11,000 square meters (m2). Glass production will exceed 60,000 tons of glass per year, including transparent and green glass.

Energy-efficient manufacturing machines have been imported from Italy. The manufactured glass will be sold for producers of soft drinks, beer, wine, oil, and vinegar, as well as for the agri-food industries.

Glasspack is set to export around 25 percent of the production to Arab countries and is expected to create one hundred jobs.

The company has benefited from incentives by the Investment and Development Authority in Lebanon (IDAL).