April 24, 2017

BDL directs banks to provide special facilities to the disabled

The Central Bank (BDL) has issued a directive to banks and financial institutions to provide special facilities such as Talking ATMs or Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) for people with special needs.

The end of June, 2018, has been set as the deadline for the full implementation of the new directive, according to intermediate circular number 458.

Banks are now required to provide disabled access such as ramps to their premises and adaptations for the sight impaired. Banks are also required to provide electronic copies of the contracts that disabled clients have signed with them. This also extends to electronic copies of the key fact statements about products and services provided, in addition to electronic copies of the list of customers’ rights and obligations.

The new decision is a supplement to the basic circular number 134, released in early 2015, that instructs banks to educate their customers and raise awareness about their rights and duties. Circular 134 directs banks to deal fairly with customers and to take into account customer profiles, such as the elderly, the disabled, and customers with limited income or low education.