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LG Signature

1-    How do you define LG SIGNATURE? What are the key products offered in the LG SIGNATURE line up?

LG SIGNATURE is a product line that draws its authenticity from its commitment and adherence to the core of the product by sculpting the features of a new lifestyle coated from innovation and unique advanced designs. In terms of products and quality, LG SIGNATURE suggests exclusivity in a sector largely focused on competition. While selecting and inventing its products, the line-up depends on advanced technology and the company's passion to constantly meet the needs and expectations of customers. The initial offerings in the LG SIGNATURE line up include a beautiful 4K HDR-enabled OLED TV, a more advanced TWIN Wash™ washing machine, a cutting-edge Door-in-Door™ refrigerator, a futuristic hybrid air purifier, a feature-rich double-oven range and a state-of-the-art TurboSteam™ dishwasher.

2-    What is the main principal behind the LG SIGNATURE line up? 

The main idea behind LG SIGNATURE is represented by the brand’s continuous primacy to offer its customers a product that is more personal than customized, answering their needs and expectations. LG SIGNATURE is positioned as an innovative product line, combining modern design with advanced technology.

3-    At CES 2016, LG Electronics combined advanced technology with landmark designs under LG SIGNATURE. Can you elaborate the goal and vision behind this initiative? 

At CES 2016, LG Electronics unveiled a line of signature products that combines best technology and best business concepts under a single brand. The objective of the LG SIGNATURE line up of products is to remain pure and sophisticated, loyal to the core of each product while the line-up grows with time. Excellence in design and innovation is recognized in 10 different categories, while the 4K HDR-enabled OLED TV received the "Best of Innovation" award in 2016. The most important factor for LG Electronics is to facilitate consumers’ lives while ensuring maximum quality.

4-    What is the added value offered by the LG SIGNATURE line up of products?

The most important value added by the LG SIGNATURE line up is “conceptual innovation.”

5-    LG Electronics received more than 55 awards at CES 2016, most notably for the LG SIGNATURE G6 OLED 4K TVs and the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator. How does this mark an important milestone for the brand?

The numerous awards won by LG Electronics at CES 2016 have proved once again the positioning of the brand as the market leader in innovation and advanced technology. Whether a modern concept or advanced technology, LG SIGNATURE’s line up exceeded the market limits in innovation by creating competing products. This stage remains preliminary in LG Electronics’ development course as the company promises new expansions that will undoubtedly impress the public. Among the numerous awards won by LG Electronics at CES 2016, we cite the "Best of CES 2016" and "Best of Innovation" awards.