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Smart solutions: what the home and office of the future will look like

Unilux offers its clients the latest automated solutions to turn their living and working space into a connected and interactive universe

How many times have you wished you could turn on the heating at your mountain chalet a few hours before you arrive to spend the evening? How many times have you arrived at your summer residence after a two‐hour long drive to realize that you have forgot the keys to your house? For only $900, you can forget about your keys and simply swipe your finger to unlock your home using the Idencom Fingerprint technology. For another $1000, you can turn on the heating using your smartphone. And the list goes on. These are only a couple of the myriad automated solutions that Unilux offers its clients.Unilux is a leading supplier of automated systems with a portfolio comprising over 300 individual and corporate clients across Lebanon and the region including Byblos Bank, Banque Misr Liban and former Prime Minister Najib Mikati, says the company’s general manager Jad Baaklini.Baaklini, who joined Unilux in 2009, helped transform the company from a provider of lighting systems to a leading supplier of fully integrated automated systems thanks to his expertise in the field.The young electrical engineer, who graduated from the American University of Beirut before completing his master’s degree in Business Administration at HEC Montreal, was the first expert in Lebanon to partner in 2003 with the KNX association, the owner of the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control.Unilux’s partnership with KNX brings a wide range of benefits for clients due to the platform’s compatibility with a large number of automated systems sold by manufacturers across the globe, says Baaklini.The international KNX standard, adopted by over 400 manufacturers worldwide, enables integrated control and management of homes and buildings.“The wide range of compatible products with the KNX standard allows for optimal configuration of the installation of automated systems, according to the needs of each particular clients,” Baaklini says.“As opposed to other platforms used by some our competitors, the KNX standard gives our clients the freedom to install and purchase products from other suppliers at present or in the future,” he explains.The KNX product range is designed to meet a variety of budgets starting with the smallest motion detector that turns the lights on when someone enters the lobby of building to more complex products that allow clients to control and program equipment such as blinds and shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.For instance, a client can install the Idencom Fingerprint, a keyless innovative access technology that allows them to open their home door using their fingerprint for under $900 or pay considerably more to receive smartphone notifications when their stock of refrigerated milk runs low, Baaklini says.The systems are highly customizable and require no regular maintenance unless the client requests new functionalities or variations of the original installation, Baaklini adds.For client residing overseas, Unilux offers the option of scheduled checkups of its automated system and has established a 24/7 hotline to quickly respond to customers’ requests.“What differentiate us from the competition is our commitment to excellence. In other words, we offer our clients top quality products and top‐notch services,” Baaklini says.In addition to the installation of automated systems, Unilux provides project management and consultancy services.The keyless innovative access technology is highly customizable and programmable. For instance, it canbe programmed to grant access to certainopen the door from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.Basalte brand is a high end quality of KNX Keypads, available in different models, colors and functions tocontrol all electrical equipment in a home including lighting points (whether dimmable, indirect or  ON/OFF circuits), shutters, AC and audio systems.