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Waterfront-ROUND TWO

Waterfront City has announced the release of the second round of sales of their commercial property, aptly titled The Business Park. Given the huge success of The Business Park’s initial launch back in February of last year where 90% of the available units sold out in the first round of sales, two additional buildings are now being offered by Waterfront City. The joint venture between Majid Al Futtaim Properties and Société Joseph G.Khoury Et Fils looks to transform the face of shopping, entertainment and leisure to create memorable moments for everyone, every day. The Senior Development Director at Waterfront City Majid Al Futtaim Properties, Mr Samer Bissat, said, “over the years, we have made sure to position The Business Park as a unique offering in Lebanon. Commercial office space does exist, but not in a fully-fledged community like Waterfront City, composed of a 12 building designed campus. The benefits of having 1600 parking spaces, surrounded by green open areas, a retail component, restaurants and other leisure facilities, are all distinctive elements of an advanced and productive environment.”