Project iraq - erbil

Mirjanat Beirut

Mirjanat Beirut Project is located in Ras El Nabeh, Omar ben Khattab Street.

It consists of 3 blocks, each one 13 floors with 2 apartments per floor: 2 Residential(Block A and Block B) and 1 Commercial ( Block C).

 Block A: Based on 195 sqm and 210 sqm.

Block B: Based on 195 sqm,

Difference between 210 sqm and 195 sqm: Balcony and rooms size

Difference between 195 sqm: structure of the apartment

Block C: Commercial Project composed of Shops and Offices. Offices: Sizes between 44 sqm and 168 sqm . Shops: Sizes between 72 sqm and 241 sqm.Shops Front: 4,5m. Shop 1: 469sqm(118sqm mezzanine+229 sqm underground)

Basement Floor: 3 Underground Floors as Parking Areas reserved for the Project.(  -1: for the offices, -2: Block A, -3: Block B). Parkings related to the shops is on GF. There is Extra parkings in each floor: 25,000$ selling price. (-1: 10 extra pkgs, -2: 7 extra pkgs, -3: 4 extra pkgs).

Caves:  8 units available. price per sqm: 1000$ . Sizes between 15sqm and 20sqm.