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7th Build It Green – Lebanon Annual Sustainability Solutions Conference TOGETHER… TOWARDS GREENER CITIES

“We came in to listen to sustainability experts, and came out feeling like ones.”
Innovative, highly participative and fetching are the most adequate words to describe the 7th Build It
Green – Lebanon Annual Sustainability Solutions Conference that took place on Wednesday March 16,
2016 at the Monroe Hotel in Beirut.
Organized by e-EcoSolutions, in partnership with EcoConsulting, and under the patronage of the
Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon, the 7th edition of the Build It Green – Lebanon
was presented under a new stimulating theme, underlining the need for collaboration in between the
Green-minded organizations and individuals with the aim of finding the appropriate sustainability
solutions for Lebanon: “Together… Towards Greener Cities”.
The organizers of the Build it Green – Lebanon took the conference this year to a whole new level when
deciding to integrate a new-fangled participative conference format allowing the delegates to
participate in their preferred “Workshops with the Experts” that addressed 25 Green Building topics!
The conference agenda featured 5 highlights:
1) Technical presentations by local and international award-winning architects (including a
presentation by Mrs. Globe 2016, Architect and Urban Planner Mrs. Sylvia Yammine).
2) 25 Workshops with Green Building Experts (the 25 topics were grouped under 3 main categories:
Sustainable Materials & Solutions, Designing & Financing Sustainable Buildings, and Innovative or
Hot topics). The delegates participated in brainstorming, reviewing, and drafting concrete
sustainability solutions with the topics experts.
3) The graduation of the 1st batch of Green Schools in Lebanon through the Green Schools
Certification Program launched by e-EcoSolutions in 2015 (during the 6th Build It Green – Lebanon)
under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and with the support of the
Ministry of Environment in Lebanon. The program was offered free of charge to the first 100 private
and public schools participating from Lebanon with the aim of putting every student in Lebanon in a
Green school within this generation. Amazingly, amongst 121 schools that registered in the program,
100 proceeded to the school sustainability audits stage, and 33 have succeeded to complete the
PRESS RELEASE | Beirut, Lebanon
program and earn their Green Schools Certificates in the presence of the ministries representatives
and the program’s main Partners: Grohe, BankMed and Tinol Paints, and the Global Coalition for
Green School – Lebanon Chapter. The schools received their certificates on stage along with the
Green Schools flags that they will be yearly raising on three national Green Schools Days that they
are now committed to celebrate! More info about the Green Schools Certification Program are
available on:
4) The Announcement of the 2nd Eco-Quartier Student Competition Winners, the competition that is
organized by the Build It Green – Lebanon for the architecture and urban planning students in the
different universities in Lebanon. This edition of the competition was organized in close
collaboration with the Municipality of Beirut, and invited the students to design their own innovative
Green Neighbourhood in the Medawar area in Beirut. The competition received the participation of
6 universities in Lebanon of which 23 projects qualified as finalists, and was subject to a systematic
Jury evaluation process which took place at the Municipality of Beirut and involved local and
international expert jurors. The jury evaluation and deliberation resulted in pronouncing the winner
to be one student group from the Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts, Branch III, and the
group consisted of: Viviane Deghel, Noema Zakaria, Fatima Chaar, Fatima Dhaybi, Adnan Haddad and
Ahmad Zant. The certificates were awarded on stage by Mr. Nadim Abourizk, Vice President of Beirut
Municipality during the conference.
5) The Green Building exhibition, the famous yearly platform for Green networking that comes along
the Build It Green – Lebanon
“Against all the odds that the country situation compels, we and the delegates were truly surrounded by
great positivity in each and every session of the conference” said Mr. Gilbert Tegho, CEO of e-
EcoSolutions “from browsing through the accomplishments of the Lebanese architects in the region and
the world, and exploring the innovative sustainability solutions brought to Lebanon by experts and
companies, to certifying a mass of Green Schools raising environmentally responsible citizens, and
awarding pioneer architecture and urban planning students, we cannot but acknowledge the great
efforts that are being put every day by the Green-minded people in Lebanon, and look forward to
exploring more, awarding more and achieving more.”
PRESS RELEASE | Beirut, Lebanon