Project iraq - erbil

SAYFCO, a leader still at the top and rising

SAYFCO has always believed in Lebanon and its landmark achievements certainly prove this. Only one developer can claim to have sold more than 5,000 units in recent years, and one third of them delivered already. In fact, SAYFCO’s amazing success, mainly driven by its founder/chairman and C.E.O. Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, is based on strategic innovation, being the first real estate company to devise and use a unique business model. The shrewd balancing of ambition to develop a large amount of projects with a careful approach to financial risk has certainly paid off. In 2010 SAYFCO launched this strategy, offering service agreements to landowners, in which SAYFCO acts as developer in return for a sales fee based on turnover. The result was more than 25 projects developed in less than four years, totaling 1 million square meters of real estate worth over US$3 billion. Even during the toughest economic downturn of 2015, SAYFCO continued to sell hundreds of units. The SAYFCO approach has proved so successful that it has since been expanded to Saudi Arabia, and will soon launch it in the UAE and other parts of the region. With such a leading edge, SAYFCO continues confidently to build tomorrow’s vision.