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Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l., the official Ferrari importer in Lebanon, arranged for a drive to take place from its showroom in Saifi to Le Montagnou in Kfardebian on the 25th of July. With the playful title, “Summer Ferrari, Some are not,” the event attracted more than 80 Ferrari owners who gathered around the poolside to enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape. The owner of Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l., Hassan Haidar, commented on the event saying, “It gives me great pleasure to be gathered again with the Ferrari family in one of Lebanon’s most desired destinations. The adrenaline charged drive and refined setting reflect the essence of Ferrari and the passion of its owners.” The new California T was the highlight of the evening – an exciting new addition that is both sporty and elegant. Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l., continues to provide its clients with the highest qualities of customer service and exclusive driving experiences.